Kauai Primal Rainforest - Traditional Soap

Traditional Soap

Escape to Kauai's Primal Rainforest for an experience beyond clean. Enjoy a fruity, floral scent combined with the nostalgic experience of a finely crafted traditional soap. It's sure to take you away from the everyday, any day.

Traditional Soap, 5 oz*

Key Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Crisp Ozone**, Juicy Peach, Succulent Raspberry
Mid Notes: 
Muguet, Classic Rose, Subtle Violet
Base Notes: 
Jasmine and Warm Amber

Sodium cocoate (natural coconut oil soap), sodium Palmitate (natural palm oil soap), sodium olivate (natural olive oil soap), butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), parfum, cosmetic mineral pigments

*Handmade product; size is approximate.

**Ozone is the fresh, crisp scent of rain in the air, pleasantly earthy experience.

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