How We Make It


Passport Bodyworks is a family owned and operated business who's first bath and body company was founded in 1996 in a kitchen in Upcountry Maui. That little business graduated to a garage, then to a small industrial space, and not long after its products were offered in boutiques throughout Hawaii.

With the experience of having meticulously handcrafted and shipped over 2 million bars of soap around the world, we decided to broaden our horizons with Passport Bodyworks. Passport Bodyworks' mission is to capture the essence of travel memories from locations around the world through our premium soaps and bath products. We kick things off by introducing a line that is a tribute to our first love - Hawaii.  Passport Bodyworks: Hawaii will remind you of cherished times in Hawaii and inspire you to make more memories.  So grab your favorite fragrance, close your eyes, and prepare to visit your favorite travel memories.

Made from Scratch

Passport Bodyworks is one of only a few companies in the entire world that make its own glycerin soap base, and we are the only company in the world with a SAFE & GREEN glycerin soap formula.  

Our formulas are not just unique - they're revoloutionary!


Natural vs. Synthetic

We all want safe ‘green’ products, but experience tells us that the majority of really green products don’t work very well. They are, as a chemist friend of mine refers to them “basically dirt in a bottle.” 

Passport Bodyworks strives to use natural, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients whenever possible, and we generally avoid synthetics; however, in some cases it is simply not possible to make a good product with all natural ingredients.  When there simply isn't a good natural alternative we only use plant-derived synthetics that are absolutely safe and effective.  

What’s NOT in our products?

We believe what's NOT in your products is at least as important as what's in them. The following is a partial list of what is NOT in ANY of our products.  Bath & Body industry take note!
  • SLES, SLS, etc    
  • Sulfates
  • Dioxin (a byproduct of SLES manufacture)
  • Alcohol
  • Propylene Glycol

Our Commitment

We make safe, effective, fun-to-use products - just for you.  ENJOY!