Kukui Nut Oil

Treat Your Senses
Indulge Your Skin

When 12 Years a Slave actress Lupita Nyong'o shared her beauty secrets with Glamour, she name-dropped Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, a little known "secret" that most people outside of Hawai'i had never heard of.  Now the secret is out.

For centuries, kukui nut oil has been used by both men and women not only to beautify the skin and as a medicine for both internal and external ailments.  Our Hawaiian beauty secret is loaded with essential fatty acids (EFAs), vitaminsantioxidants, and compounds unique to the kukui nut, which help repair dry, damaged skin. Kukui nut oil has even been used by hospitals to heal radiation burns.  Just think what it can do for you!

Experience the power of the amazing kukui nut!