Our 3 Favorite Things to do in O'ahu

O’ahu, the island known as “The Gathering Place,” has certainly lived up to its name as it is home to the state’s capital Honolulu. This is our favorite island to bring the whole family to with its blend of the sweet beach Hawaiian lifestyle and a taste of the big city life. The combination of the relaxing beaches and the buzz of city life inspired us to make our Coconut-Mango Cocktail scent, a lively but soothing smell. 
After many visits here we’ve rounded up our three favorite spots to hit whenever we visit!
1. Waikiki
Not only does Waikiki offer a gorgeous beach, it also offers some very exclusive luxury shopping. If you’re like us, there’s nothing like a relaxing morning at the beach and some retail therapy in the afternoon! Waikiki beach’s popularity is older than the Beach Boys, dating back to the 19th century when Hawaiian royalty chose this destination as a place to relax and surf. It’s the perfect spot to soak up some sun on soft, honey colored sand and capture the best waves for surfing. When the beach gets tiring just head over to the little cafes and shops at the water’s edge. And if you have a little extra spending money, Kalakaua Avenue is the shopping destination to hit where you can indulge yourself with top luxury brands. We always seem to find some extra money to buy something special!

2. USS Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbor
Pay tribute to Pearl Harbor and all the lives lost by visiting the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. There you can get an audio tour of the USS Arizona and visit the Memorial. We think it’s such a beautiful Memorial and we enjoy learning more about  that period in American history. Visiting this Memorial, the neighboring USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Pacific Aviation Museum made us feel so connected to the incident even though most of us did not live then. It is truly a beautiful and meaningful experience that is not to be missed when visiting this special island.

3. Kailua Beach
Take some time to just get away and relax. Kailua Beach is perfect for that because it is one of the more quiet beaches in O’ahu. You’re bound to be dazzled by the powdery white sand and clear, gentle waters, but you wouldn’t be alone since this beach has earned its way to one of the top beaches in the nation! Do a little sunbathing, or snorkel to nearby reefs. If you’re a little more adventurous you can even rent a kayak or paddle board to explore the clear waters. This is one of those beaches we wish we could stay at forever, and we’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same way too!

If relaxation and revival is part of your game plan for visiting the Hawaiian Islands, then O’ahu is the island for you. There’s enough exciting activities that you won’t ever get bored, but there’s still the ability to completely escape from the modern world too. We love the mix O’ahu offers and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourselves!

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  • MARLENEA HOOD says...

    June 22, 2016

    Go to the Hula Bowl on Saturday to visit the Flee Markets. No high prices there. Most of the items you see there will end up in the Waikiki shops

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    North Shore, Breath taking

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