6 Things You Never Knew About Aloe Vera, but Will be So Glad You Learned!

Remember that spiky little green plant that your grandma always kept on her front porch? Those leaves with gooey gel insides that she slathered on your back after you spent too much time in the sun? 

Yes, Aloe Vera. We all grew up knowing how great it was for sunburns, but did you know there are over 40 benefits of this potted succulent?

Featured in all of our lotions, aloe vera is one fantastic ingredient that we couldn't pass up. Here are six reasons we just can't get enough of aloe!

1. Soothing on the Skin
Not only does aloe help heal sunburns with its natural pain relievers, antiseptics, and cell  rebuilding properties, but it’s also soothing for people with sensitive skin. If you suffer from eczema or itchy sensitive skin, aloe does wonders for providing relief.

2. Moisturizing
Aloe vera acts as a great facial moisturizer, especially for people with oily skin. Pure aloe vera is moisturizing and nutritious to the skin without leaving that greasy feeling familiar to those struggling with an oily issue. As for the body, it has the same effects! No one likes the feeling of a greasy lotion, which is one of the reasons why aloe graces our lotions. It provides a deep moisture without feeling sticky!

3. Aging Prevention
The inevitable dread that comes with aging is actually looking like you are aging. It's part of nature's design that we start to lose the vitamins C and E which help keep our skin smooth and firm. But aloe is full of these vitamins and daily use of a lotion with aloe can greatly impact the look and feel of your skin despite the growing years.

4. Lessens Stretch Mark Visibility
Skin closely mirrors elastic. It will stretch when it needs to and contract when its supposed to. But if your skin has to stretch too far and too fast, like during pregnancy, stretch marks begin to appear. The marks appear from tiny tears in the skin from being overstretched. Aloe helps to heal the minor wounds and minimize the appearance of these marks. Daily use of aloe gel can help prevent or heal these blemishes.

5. Treating Acne
We all know from experience that acne is the pits and can be one of the toughest skin problems to solve. Another great benefit of aloe vera is the naturally occurring hormones Auxin and Gibberellin. Together these hormones help to reduce inflammation and redness of breakouts. The Gibberellin hormone helps to provide wound healing that can hasten new skin cell growth, in turn clearing the blemishes quickly and with little scarring to show for.

6. Hair Health
Aloe is even great for hair and scalp health! Whether you're dealing with dandruff, hair growth, or dry hair, aloe vera can help! Using aloe as a hair mask can help increase growth over time. Mixing aloe with coconut milk and wheat germ can help reduce dandruff issues by adding moisture and calming the dry, irritated scalp. For extra shine you can replace your conditioner a couple times a week with aloe for healthy shiny hair. In short, you can’t go wrong adding a little aloe to your hair care routine!

So it turns out Grandma has a few more tricks up her sleeve with aloe than sunburn relief! Incorporating natural ingredients into your daily regimens can be the best way to keep your skin glowing and staying healthy. We love discovering new ways to use the ingredients gifted from the Earth, especially Hawaii!

What are some natural ingredients you like to use for your skin, hair or health?

Stay fresh and fragrant!



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